Annual Physical

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Annual Physical

An annual physical offers many benefits, including screening to diagnose and treat health conditions before they reach an advanced, potentially life-threatening stage. Richard Hilburn, MD, FACP, and his team at Goals of Care, PLLC, in Herndon, Virginia, offer comprehensive annual physicals to adults of all ages. With this yearly checkup, you can ensure peace of mind knowing you’re protecting yourself from future health problems. Call Goals of Care, PLLC, to request an annual physical or book your appointment online today.

Annual Physical Q & A

What is an annual physical?

An annual physical is a general health check you have once a year. It’s an essential preventive medicine service that helps you stay well and avoid many health problems. Your provider can also detect diseases in their early stages during an annual physical, ensuring you get prompt treatment before the condition causes irreversible harm.

Preventing ill health and treating disease in its early stages are far better than waiting to visit Goals of Care, PLLC, when you’re sick. Many long-term, potentially life-threatening diseases cause no or few symptoms until they reach an advanced stage, by which time treatment likely will be costlier, more challenging, and time-consuming.

Conditions screened for during an annual physical include:

  • Certain cancers
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes   

Goals of Care, PLLC, offers annual physicals to all patients as part of the practice’s holistic approach to healthcare.

What happens at my annual physical?

Annual physicals have a broadly similar format, but your provider tailors each exam to your specific needs.

First, they review your medical history and discuss your current health. You can raise any issues, such as changes in your weight, appetite, sleep patterns, and existing symptoms. Next, your provider measures your blood pressure and listens to your heart and lungs.

They check your temperature and weigh you, recording everything and comparing the data to those of last year’s annual physical. During the physical exam, your provider looks for abnormalities like lumps, skin discoloration, changes in moles, and other signs of health problems. They palpate (press on) your liver, feel your joints, and check your eyes, ears, and throat.

You may need to provide blood and/or urine samples for lab tests. These identify problems such as high cholesterol, nutrient deficiencies, signs of infection, and raised blood sugar. You might also need a pelvic or prostate exam.

What happens after my annual physical?

After completing your annual physical, your provider discusses any issues that need attention. The team at Goals of Care, PLLC, counsels you on losing weight, making dietary changes, increasing your activity levels, or learning to manage stress.

If they find anything concerning, they may order further tests or diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-rays or an ultrasound scan.

Call Goals of Care, PLLC, to arrange your annual physical or book a consultation online today.